Anne Paule Art Gallery

The Pond
The Pond (Oil, 20x20)
Ballerina (Oil, 12x16)

Baby Brother
Baby Brother (Acrylic, 18x24)
Black Hat
Black Hat (Acrylic, 16x20)
The Bench
The Bench (Oil, 20x24)
Mate Man in Brazil
Mate Man in Brazil (Acrylic, 24x24)
Guitar-Playing Cowboy
Guitar-Playing Cowboy (Acrylic, 20x24)
Chipko warriors Saving Trees
Chipko Warriors Saving Trees (Oil, 24x30)

Floating (Oil, 12x16)
Under the Tree
Under the Tree (Acrylic, 16x20)
Maili Nepalese Shaman
Maili, a Shaman in Nepal in 1989 (Acrylic, 20x24)
Crossed (Acrylic, 20x24)
Girl with Tatoo
Girl with Tatoo (Acrylic, 18x24)
Annick in Africa
Annick in Africa (Acrylic, 16x20)
Book Cover
Book Cover (Acrylic, 16x20)